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Lawyers Schooled in Ego and Conflict

This translates to billable hours. For example, let’s take a look at the “divorce model.”
It is all based on the divide-and-conquer strategy. 

Move the sides to the opposing rooms, massage the ideal of ego and the ensuing conflicts create billable hours. Let’s look at politics. 

The public consistently promotes and elects individuals with legal backgrounds to represent them in political offices.
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Secrete Legal Code

Secret Legal Code Unlocked

Judge Isabelle Gomez presided over the court case #347632 Mary Roberts vs. George Martin & Co. The trial began in the fall of 2002. It was September, to be a bit more precise. Two and a half years had passed since the accident occurred, with Gary Forde found lying on the floor next to a George Martin stacker at Inland Packing Co. in Shakopee, MN. 

His head was crushed at the temples. Blood oozed from his ears.
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Word of the Wolf

Why the wolf? Wolves are strong and fiercely independent in their own right, and even stronger as a group or better known as a “Pack.” Wolves are non-territorial and will never eat a member of their own Pack. 

They also feed and care for their sick and injured. 

Come join our community. Come gather in our den. Don’t just look at the moon, howl at it. Be active. Be a “wolf."
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Field Report

The Field Report

Field McConnell is a highly decorated Air Force Pilot. Mr. McConnell went straight from Air Force to a prestigious 31-year career as an Airline Captain flying all types of passenger aircraft. 

Field is an aviator expert and travels the world in search of truth and justice in many areas of interest. Watch for his articles as we are sure they will be well received.

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