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$35 Million Verdict

$35 Million Dollar Verdict

It Sounds as If You Have Pissed Off an Attorney

In 1999, my wife's brother, Gary, was injured in an industrial accident. He received a severe brain injury as his head was crushed in a piece of equipment. 

We handled all of his affairs, including hiring the law firm to represent him, as Mary was placed as conservator of the person and finances. There was a trial that ended in a $35 million verdict. 

This settled out to a very large sum of money for the care of Gary for the remainder of his life. We cared for Gary from 1999 until 2007, at which time a brother brought forth allegations against Mary and myself, for personal reasons to gain control of money. 

Over a two-year period, the courts, bank, and attorneys spent $300,000.00 trying to make criminals out of us for what we had done. 

We, in turn, were forced to hire our own councils / attorneys to defend ourselves against a vast number of nonsense-based allegations of which none were ever proven or expected to be. 

It was all nonsense for the attorneys to make money and the courts to cover their tails and the bank to continue control over the money. We hired an attorney by the name of Thomas Greene. He was a $400.00 per hour suit residing in a tall building in downtown Minneapolis. 

On our first meeting with Mr. Greene, he met us in the reception area, led us down the hall to his conference room, and as we entered the room, he turned to us and said, "It sounds as if you have pissed off an attorney." 

This stuck with me from that day forward. Mr. Greene was our 4th attorney in this case as other attorneys were fired due to conflicts of interest and other unscrupulous dealings. 

During this whole process of courts, banks, and attorneys, we uncovered a model that the system uses to divide and conquer for the benefit of the attorneys and the bank and the courts through the backing of the attorneys and bank.
This education led us to the understanding that the whole system is fraught with corruption and fraud. In our case, there were many, upon many, documented instances that could not be explained away, but were denied explanations on every level. 

We were never allowed our day in court as we were threatened with the confiscation of our business and residence, and literally all of our assets, by the attorneys with the backing of the court and the bank. 

It took us a long time to sort through all of the emotions to come to terms with peace and harmony in regard to that period of our lives. 

That was several years ago, and we harbor no negativity towards any of it. We choose to recognize that we were chosen to do this as part of contributing an educational value to society.

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