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The Pelican Party

The Pelican Party

So Why Choose the Pelican as a Symbol?

The Pelican has become the Paul Revere of recent times. It is always there as a beacon of warning. Now, granted the Pelican does not ride a horse or carry a lantern, but it sits in the wake of oil spills and poses for the camera without pay to bear witness to the tragedy. 

The Pelican has no racial background or baggage as there are browns and whites alike sharing the same piers with no battles except maybe for the females at hand. 

The Pelican is also of dual citizenship and bilingual as many of them migrate to Mexico for the winter months and I am sure support families on both sides of the border. 

This makes them good stewards of the economy as well. Pelicans are also good fishermen and have been seen teaching others how to fish. That is pure genius.

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