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Word of the Wolf

Word of the Wolf

Non-Territorial Points of View

The Word of the Wolf represents non-territorial points of view. The Word of the Wolf allows all participants to engage in conversations with regards to local, national, or worldly events.

I'll be challenging people to engage in dialogs, that each of us can learn from, so as to better form thoughts and opinions of any subject matter. I come from a background of independent, generally conservative way of thinking. 

I'll be asking my “liberal” friends to discuss in detail the workings of their thoughts as well. I consider myself to be fair and accepting of all opinions, agendas, and points of view. 

These are common rights that all citizens of a free nation should be proud of and should be available to each individual.
Example: Truth and Fairness

What is truth? Truth lies in the eye of the beholder. Though this may make it true from his or her perspective, does it in any way create a universal truth that all can agree to? 

I don’t think so. Line ten people up to view the same event and most will have a different memory of what occurred. Once again, what is truth? Is it the collective decision of a group of people? Is that really, what we as individuals agree to, the truth? 

We are very much a part of a conundrum. Because of the system that we are governed by, is there any reason to wonder why we are all so confused?
Truth lies beyond the mind’s eye, in what I will call “The Place of Godliness.” Everything else falls under the pretense of personal opinion. Move that to any place outside of the near moment and the equation multiplies to a place of bias. 

Why bias? Bias plays into our basis for interpretation. So, where am I going with this? I am going to the fantasy land of fairness. It is the doctrine that is created to control the masses: “Life just isn’t fair.” 

We are led to believe that if we would just do this or that it could or should be. Now we have just allowed ourselves to become victims. 

As a victim, you give away all of your power. It is out of your control. The ring is now placed in your nose and you are led around by the herder. Let it all go and you are free.
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